Rebecca's Journal
A new look - Not just frontend.

My main website was getting a little bit dated, and I decided to re-create it from the ground up, focusing more on me as a person and my skills, as opposed to just being this journal. I set out to design a website with minimal compromise. Polishing the design was my number one priority with this project. I think I achieved that.

Human Readable Archive Format

I follow a few Google engineers on Twitter and one posted the other day about a spec for a human-readable archive format they designed.

In this case, I’m referring to the google/hrx specification. It defines a format of an archive that is human-readable, which is something I almost developed myself. So having a specification already existing helped me a whole bunch.

Zero Clients - Upgrade Automation

While working in government, I helped deploy the VMware Horizon Desktop and Application delivery platform. This is a bit of a look back on some issues we had with our zero clients and management.

The Smart Home - The LAN of Things

My friends and I talk a lot about the Internet of Things and we feel that exposing every single device on your LAN to the Internet directly could have some pretty large consequences. We jokingly said “The LAN of Things would be better!”

Turns out, That’s not an entirely terrible idea.